Baby Powder Scented Dog Shampoo 250ml

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Dog Shampoo - Baby Powder Fragrance dog shampoo for the professional dog groomer. 250ml concentrated solution. Suitable for all breeds of dog. A great clean scent for your dog that lasts.

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I have been using all sort of dog shampoos. But this shampoo is the best. Smells gorgeous for few days and you need only small amounts for wash a dog. Really satisfied with this purchase. - Carly

I absolutely love this shampoo!! It leaves a talcum powder smell and my dog honestly smells like a baby after a bath and wash with this and the smell last for days. It will last for months too so I will continue to buy even though the cost is higher than I usually pay but for the quality it is more than worth it. The item also arrived within the expected delivery time so all round I'm happy with the product and the service I received and would buy from the seller again.  - Susan

Our Weimaraner can get mucky and using various dog shampoos does the job of getting her clean but nowt else. The fur isn’t softer and the scent goes quickly. This is a luxury purchase yes but we shouldn’t be shampooing dogs too much so I am just about okay with the price. The outstanding thing about this one is the scent...I can still smell it on our dog 3-4 days later after a bath and being well rinsed. No noticeable difference in fur texture though. She’s been rolling in grass and all sorts and the scent is still detectable with no issues. Would recommend on that alone. - Tom


Fabulous product.. just as described. Arrived promptly.. i had been looking around as the shampoo I was using was not leaving my 5 month old shih tzu smelling freshly bathed.. after reading great reviews on the baby fragranced shampoo thought I’d give it a go.. WOW THIS HAS BANISHED THE DOGGY SMELL 😁👍.. it’s been 7 days and my little fur baby still smells fresh.. I do believe this product will last a while however I will definitely be purchasing more.. lovely smell leaves him soft and fluffy .. worth the price

- Kay