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Beauty Formulas Odour Control Shoe Spray is specially formulated
to keep shoes and trainers fresh and odour free all day.

With a special combination of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
ingredients agents to control and neutralise bacteria and fungi
in the shoe.

Keeps shoes fresh, dry, and odour free. Regular use help`s to
protect, condition and prolong shoe life.

Fast acting. Quick drying.


Testimonials  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I bought this once 'off the shelf', but it disappeared from the high street. Beauty Formulas Odour Control Shoe Spray contains a fungicidal element (increasingly difficult to find in foot- and shoe-care products), which I consider essential. I have used many shoe sprays and they are generally pretty noxious. This one is less 'gagging' than most, and also much cheaper, yet it seems to work at least as well. It dries quickly and cleanly. I am very glad to have found it again. - Holly Sloan
Was getting itchy feet while wearing my work boots, particularly in the summer. Spraying for about 5 seconds before and after wearing my boots seems to have done the trick - no more itching - Dale Chaffer