Bundle - Vapour Rub(100g Tub) & Steam Inhaler. Ideal Combination for Releiving Congestion

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The Ultimate Combination Of products For Anyone Suffering With Blocked Sinus. Steam Inhalers Have Been A Widely Used Method For Clearing The Airways. The Warming And Moisturising Effects Loosen And Soften Mucous And Catarrh. The Vapour Rub Conatins Natural, Herbal Ingredients For Clear And Cool Breathing. The Handy Size Tub Is Easy To Carry Around And Allows For Easy Storage.

  • Cleans The Airways
  • Loosens & Softens Mucous & Catarrh
  • Vapour Rub For Clear & Cool Breathing
  • Add A Small Amout Of The Vapour Rub To The Water In The Inhaler