Cotton Wool Variety Pack. 100% Pure Cotton.1 x Cotton Wool Pleat & 1 x 200 Cotton Wool Balls

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Cotton Wool balls are suitable to clean and dry delicate areas/only high quality ingredients, gentle for delicate skin,suitable for many cleansing tasks, Cotton Wool pleats are gentle on babies skin whilst delivering excellent and efficient absorbency to complete the job more quickly and without waste. 100 percent pure cotton product. Convenient, easy to tear perforations. Highly absorbent for effective cleansing. Soft, strong and gentle

  • These Cotton Wool Balls are made from 100% pure cotton and are soft and fluffy to the touch.
  • Pack contains 200 balls
  • Cotton wool pleat is a soft yet strong fleece of 100 percent pure cotton
  • Suitable for many cleansing tasks
  • Soft, strong and gentle