Masons 100g Dog Oil for Massaging

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Product Description

Product Description dog oil is an odour free massage oil blended from rapeseed oil (Brassica Oleifera) and Petroleum jelly. No GMO s are used. Dog oil is not too slippery and does not dry out too quickly, providing the perfect medium for massage. It is for use where ever massage is beneficial. An odour free massage oil. Blended from rapeseed oil and Petroleum jelly. A perfect medium for massage. For joint pain and arthritis. This product contains natural products. None of our products are tested on animals. We have tried to ensure that this product performs to the highest standards and hope you are fully satisfied. Ingredients Brassica Oleifera (rape oil), petrolatum (Petroleum jely). box contains 1 x Masons Dog oil for massaging 100 g.


Brassica Oleifera (Rape Oil), Petrolatum (Petroleum Jely).

Box Contains

1 x Masons Dog Oil for Massaging 100 g

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