Milton Sterilising Fluid 500ml (Pack of 6)

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Maximum protection. Effective on germs. Sterilises in 15 minutes. Use to disinfect* all baby and breastfeeding equipment (bottles, soothers, teething rings, weaning items, baby baths, high chairs), surfaces (floors, kitchens, bathrooms), food (salads, vegetables, plus chopping boards), etc. *In 5 minutes: Bactericidal EN1040, EN1276 (at 0.5% V.V), EN13697 (at 1.8% V/V). Kills MRSA. In 15 minutes: fungicidal EN1275 on Candida albicans; virucidal NFT72-180. Kills Rotavirus.

  • Type Plastic Bottle
  • Baby Toiletries
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